What is Coconut Coir – Coir

What is Coconut Coir is part of Coir, Types of mulch, Garden compost, Coconut fiber, Coconut benefits, Aquaponic gardening – If you’ve been gardening, you’ve no doubt seen the words ‘coconut coir’ thrown around But what exactly is coconut coir and how do you use it in gardening Basically, coconut coir is a type of mulch that’s environmentally friendly, as opposed to other commercial mulches What is Coconut Coir & How to Use It Coconut coir, also known as coconut fiber, is a natural waste product that comes from the processing of coconuts, also known as the husks Before shipping, the fibers are separated, cleaned, sorted, and graded Because it’s so environmentally friendly, coconut coir has become very popular among

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