Banana Peel Fertilizers for the Garden – Compost tea recipe

Banana Peel Fertilizers for the Garden is part of Compost tea recipe, Compost tea, How to make compost, Banana peel uses, Banana peel, Garden fertilizer – 4 full Whenever you eat a banana, deposit the peel into the pitcher Keep up this process until the container is full (or after about a week) Then strain the liquid into a new container Put the peels aside, you can still use them! Clean the pitcher out and start the exercise all over again The tea is nutrientrich because the liquid has been slowly leeching Potassium, Phosphorus and nutrients out of the peels In this form it is too concentrated, so you need to dilute it before putting it on your garden One cup of tea per gallon of water should do the trick Apply to the base of your garden plants and watch them thrive Okay, so you’ve made your pungent tea and now you have a bunch of slimygross banana peels leftover That’s great! Take those peels and make more food for your plants! The easiest way would be to toss the peels into your compost bin But if you want a quick fertilizer, put the peels into your blender with some water to make a puree fertilizer Or you can try the powdered banana peel route so you can use them later Use a food dehydrator to dry the peels (usually about 810 hours at 160ºF) Or place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake them in the oven (extra low temperature) for about 810 hours You can also let them bake in the sun Once they are dry, chop them as fine as possible in a food processor or coffee grinder Then you can add some PBP (powdered banana peel) to your new seeds or seedlings when you are planting How to Use Banana Peel Fertilizers Add one cup of banana tea per gallon of water Apply to the base of your garden plants and watch them thrive Add some dried banana peel (powdered or cut pieces) to your new seeds or seedlings when you are planting Some gardeners also use fresh banana peels in their garden Burying them deeper around plants will help keep animals and pests away The peels break down quickly, so plants are able to use the nutrients sooner Just make sure the soil is moist so the peels can break down Banana peels are not a complete fertilizer! So don’t use them alone, especially if your plants need a lot of nitrogen They work great for potassiumloving plants like tomatoes and peppers To get the most out of peels, compost them with nitrogenrich materials Use Banana Peels as an Aphid Pest Repellant Banana peels are also helpful for deterring aphids on plants Aphids hate the smell of banana apparently While adding peels around plants should help deter aphids, spraying a plant with the tea should help protect it more Dilute the banana tea with water at a 51 ratio (5 parts water with 1 part tea) Spray the leaves and stems with the solution The spray will also help feed your plants How I’ll Use Banana Peels in MY Garden I plan to use the banana peel fertilizers for my tomatoes and garlic The peel fertilizers will be great for tomato plants since they don’t need much nitrogen Potassium is a must for increasing the size of garlic bulbs During the growing season, garlic also needs lots of Nitrogen which isn’t in banana peels However, Nitrogen supplementation needs to stop in the late spring or early summer before the scapes appear Otherwise, there will be leaf growth at the expense of the bulb So since there isn’t Nitrogen in the peels, it should be good to use after the scapes appear This is my first year growing garlic, so I hope to have big bulbs with the help of these peels Sign up for our newsletter to get more gardening tips, product updates, & a 10% off coupon on your first order of canning labels in our shop Shop our Victory Garden Canning Labels Collection Do you use banana peels in your garden If so, have you tried them fresh, composted, or as a tea fertilizer What results have you seen

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